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I reflect and ponder a lot. I experience things that “aren’t from this world” and has me looking deeply into things that are so far from mainstream.

On this journey I discover the most amazing things. Some things resonate and others don’t. However in all of this I don’t discount anything. I sit with it and feel if it’s for me or not.

The last few years has sadly suppressed these discussions. If it doesn’t fit with a certain dialogue or way of thinking it’s dismissed.

There was a time we could talk openly about the unthinkable and question and banter back and forth about theories (ok my tribe still does this thank goodness but many do not).

We need to get back to our healthy debates and discussions and can always agree to disagree. That’s the beauty of this journey.

What we think or feel today might change tomorrow and the day after that and so on.

What I do feel to my core is if something is being suppressed and not allowed to be talked about it’s a pretty good sign to look to the direction of the suppression.

Something to deeply ponder and know I am open to all topics especially the ones “that shall not be named” xoxo 😘

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