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I ponder a great deal of our oneness connection and what that means as a collective. What that means as a community of the earth.

I personally have a belief that we come here over many life times and hey if that doesn’t resonate with you that’s cool.

For me I don’t appear as the same physical being so I am not confined as a specific look every time.

So if we are to be spiritual and honor every single being on this earth we don’t own anything. We don’t have claim to anything and we don’t fight about certain spaces.

This is my own feeling and this resonates to my core. It’s a broader perspective of living on this earth and timeline.
Therefore I don’t take offence or take anything personal because this is the experience of my time in this lifetime.

Deep for some and resonates with others and equally doesn’t resonate with others.

Something to deeply ponder and know I love you xoxo

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