Massage, Reiki & Thai Healing Massage Services

Hot Stone Massage by Dianne Adams
Hot Stone Massage by Dianne Adams

Local Day Spa to Serve Your Healing Requirements

  • Sauble Beach, Oliphant, Red Bay & Wiarton, Ontario
  • Email or call 226-668-4184 to book your appointment

Healing & Massage Treatments Offered

  • Hot Stone Massage $80/Hr
  • Reiki with Mini Intuitive Reading $85
  • Relaxation Massage $65/Hr
  • Certified Thai Yoga Massage $75/Hr $105/90 minutes
  • Intuitive Mini Card Readings $45 Past & Current Readings
  • 90 minutes – 30 Minute Foot Massage & 60 Minute Intuitive Reiki $125
  • 90 minutes – Combination of Hot Stone Massage & Reiki $115

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The technique uses heated smooth Basalts stones that are gently massaged throughout your body (back, arms, hands, neck, legs & feet). Unlike most of the pictures you see my treatment moves the warm stones throughout the body. You instantly feel comfort, warmth and relaxation.   Many benefits to the treatment including increased circulation, stress reduction and detoxifying.

  • Pricing:  $80/hour
Sessions with Dianne Adams
Helping enhance your life through Reiki and Healing energy work.

Reiki with Mini Intuitive Reading

What is Reiki and what are some of it’s benefits?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

What happens in a Mini Intuitive Reading in my Reiki session?

During your Reiki session there may be messages that come through for you which could be confirmation of your life’s path and other interesting information.  This is not a traditional one hour reading – it is a compliment to the benefits of your Reiki session.  You are given messages that are meant to be heard in the moment.   Every session is unique.

Who does Reiki benefit?

From children (my son Joseph suffers from terrible migraines since the age of 3 and this has been a blessing for him), to teenagers, pregnant women, adults, seniors, dogs, cats and horses.

What are some of the conditions people have that see you?

Migraine headaches, back and joint pain (offering relief from the pain), before and after surgery care,  fybromyalgia, stress, grief from loss, knee and joint pain relief and people who have feelings of a “heavy heart”.

  • Pricing:  $85 (session can last up to 90 minutes)


Sending a huge thanks to Dianne for another out of this world reiki treatment. You are beyond incredible at what you do!! Thank you sooooo much for your healing hands and wise words, I feel amazing and so full of life/energy!🍀 I can’t wait for my next appointment!! Xoxo ♥️♥️♥️ DS


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is a relaxing massage from head to toe using all natural oils.

  • Rate: $65 per hour

Healing is my passion. If you require services from an RMT I would be happy to recommend someone to you in this area.

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Healing Massage with Dianne Adams

Certified Thai Yoga & Healing Massage

Thai Body Massage with Dianne Adams
Thai Body Massage with Dianne Adams

Certified Thai Massage is done on a mat, with client wearing loose fitting clothing.   Various techniques of massage are used with the emphasis of yoga stretching to re-balance energy flow and increase range of motion. 

Thai massage benefits improves flexibility & circulation, relieves tightness & pain,  improves circulation, increased lymphatic flow,  improves posture, better body alignment, better functioning of all organs and restores overall health of the muscles and body.  

It is a very relaxing and energizing massage…. leaving you feeling rejuvenated.   

Summer sessions are done in the tree house at beautiful Rural Rootz Nature Reserve just outside of Wiarton, Ontario.

Results are amazing on increased flexibility and mobility Offering Thai Yoga Massage

Summer locations & evenReviews..ts

  • Rates $75/hr – $105/90 minutes
Certified Thai Yoga Massage
Certified Thai Yoga Massage

Just wanted to thank-you Dianne for allowing my friend and I to come and see you for a couples Thai massage. The experience was absolutely amazing! Especially in the tree house setting, to be able to hang out with one of my great friends, have a few laughs, and totally relax was such an enjoyable way to spend an evening. I loved how you were able to effortlessly flow back and forth between the two of us. Thank-you again, great experience to share with a loved one or a really good friend xo” Sonia Bloodworth, June 2015

“I was among the first to receive a Thai Healing massage from Dianne Adams and ever since I have more mobility and less pain in my knees and hips. As a “much older woman” I was concerned about joint replacements … that is now the furthest thing from my mind. (It doesn’t hurt that she comes here to our Tree House to perform her treatments either. It really is a most beautiful spot to receive her tender love and care!!!)”  Ms Dee Cherie, Rural Rootz

“I found the Thai massage to be the most relaxing and stimulating treatments I have ever had! The combination of massage and stretches were fantastic. With Dianne’s guidance I was able to relax and let the treatment accomplish its ultimate goal. I have already booked my next one. Thank you Dianne for providing your clients with another option of relaxation. We DO appreciate it!”  Susan Brown, Mama Brown Diner

“I loved the thai healing masage. It stimulates all of my muscles and I felt great for days. Dianne is a master in whatever she does but this is magnificent. If you need a real deep massage this is the procedure for you. It was a real treat.” Chris Scheider, Red Bay

So today I had a Thai Massage with Dianne Adams and it was AMAZING!!
Best way to describe how my body feels afterwards is opened up. My muscles feel stretched, but without pain. 
Thank you Dianne Adams for yet another FANTASTIC session.
You will go far, with your Thai, and all the other qualities you offer.” Brenda Vanderploeg, Shallow Lake, ON

“Thank you Dianne Adams for the Thai massage today at Rural Roots in the treehouse, it was fantastic and needed! You are an amazing talented woman who always is thinking of others, thats why we love you!!”! Donna Lynn, Owen Sound

Intuitive Mini Card Readings

  • Pricing $45/session

Past and current day readings.  I offer online short mini intuitive readings on situations from the recent past and current day messages to reflect on and help to guide you in your everyday life.

Foot Massage & Intuitive Reiki Session

Himalayan Salt Foot & Hand Massage with Dianne Adams, Sauble Beach & Wiarton locatsion
Foot Massage & Reiki with Dianne Adams, Sauble Beach & Wiarton locatsion
  • Pricing:  $125 /90 minute session

If you love your Feet massaged combined with a Reiki Session this is the treatment for you.  This  hour and a half treatment relaxes your feet to start then your complete body, mind and soul during Reiki.

What happens during my session?

We start with a 30 minute foot massage (you won’t be disappointed) relaxes your entire body and move into the Reiki session.  This gets you ready to enjoy all the benefits that Reiki has to offer.

You will leave your treatment feeling relaxed and de-stressed.


I was lucky enough to have this treatment today – pure bliss!!!!!! It’s wonderful and so is Dianne!!! BM