Dianne Adams

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun 11am - 5pm (Call for flexible appointment times)

Tuning Fork and Tapping Meditation


Through a series of tapping movements, breath work and tuning fork vibrations we bring ourselves into alignment and harmony within our energy field.


Facilitated by Dianne Adams she brings various modalities into the meditation and healing space.


We work as a collective group facilitating higher vibrational energies as well as one on one healing with Dianne through the use of reiki energy.


The aim is to clear blocked energy within the energy field, reduce stress in the body, release buildup in the lymph nodes and create a balanced energy state in the body.


What you will need:


Yoga mat, blanket, pillow if you desire.  The beginning of the session will be standing.  Chair may be required if you need support if standing is not ideal.


Contact Dianne Adams to coordinate your Tapping and Tuning Fork Meditation.


Pricing varies on location and group size.


Contact Dianne Adams




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