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Hello Everyone.

I had added a new treatment to offer you.  The demand for foot massages is increasing.  I feel its’ our need to be more grounded in our lives as well as how much we rely and work out feet most of the day.  The response and results form this combined sessions are amazing.  Total session is 90 minutes.  Let me know when we can schedule you a session.


Foot Massage & Intuitive Reiki Session

Himalayan Salt Foot & Hand Massage with Dianne Adams, Sauble Beach & Wiarton locatsion
Foot Massage & Reiki with Dianne Adams, Sauble Beach & Wiarton locatsion
  • Pricing:  $190/90 minute session

If you love your Feet massaged combined with a Reiki Session this is the treatment for you.  This  hour and a half treatment relaxes your feet to start then your complete body, mind and soul during Reiki.

What happens during my session?

We start with a 30 minute foot massage (you won’t be disappointed) relaxes your entire body and move into the Reiki session.  This gets you ready to enjoy all the benefits that Reiki has to offer.

You will leave your treatment feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

See you soon…

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