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How Do I Get Stronger Abs and A Leaner Core In 30 Day’s?

Have you ever thought, how do I get rid of this belly?  How do some people get a strong core?  How can I reduce or get rid of my back pain?

Do you like doing an hour of Ab and Core work?  Do you have an hour everyday to do it?  Do you want an easier way to get a strong and leaner core?  Do you want a different routine every time?

Core Blast with Dianne Adams is a great alternative in your constant busy schedule.

Life can be busy.  One of the biggest conversations people have is “I don’t have time to do exercise”.  What if you could fit 3 to 5 minutes a day into your schedule and get results?  Would that interest you?

What will 3 to 5 minutes a day do for my Abs and Core and overall strength of my body?

  • Stronger abs
  • Stronger body
  • Calmer mind
  • A leaner core
  • Feel good about yourself
  • A stronger back (depending on what’s up with your back) *Have you heard stronger core…stronger back? Core is our “Center” of the body

I use to spend hours doing sit-up and didn’t get results.  Personally what I did get was a cranky back and neck.  I didn’t realize I wasn’t doing them properly.  What I did find was once I started my daily Core Blast routines I became stronger, leaner, no back or neck pain and was happier.  Do you want that in your life?

Myself, like you have a very busy schedule and have found that by doing 3 minutes of Core Blast it has created RESULTS.

What to expect in your Core Blast with Dianne Adams routine

  • Routines that focus on using the entire body using our core.  I call it packing as much as I can into one session.  Saves time and is effective
  • A different routine each day incorporating Pilates, Strength training and effective Breathing techniques
  • Results of a stronger and leaner core in 30 days

**I know this works because I have been practicing Core Blast for a few years. I have less stiffness, a super strong core and ab, and I feel AWESOME inside and out.**

How can I get a different 3 minutes Core Blast routine each day?

All you need to do is sign up for a Membership and each morning you will receive a NEW Core Blast routine to fit into your schedule when it works for YOU.  .20 Cents a day – $5.99 a month is the investment in yourself.  Cheapest gym membership around.

What’s amazing about this Membership is that you do this short routine when it suits YOUR SCHEDULE. So you not only get a stronger core and abs, but you do it when it works for YOU.

NOW it’s time to get that Core and Ab you deserve.

Here’s how it works.

1. Go to
2. Go to Memberships
3. Select Core Blast with Dianne Adams
4. Enter your information which takes you to Paypal (super safe)
5. Receive your first Core Blast TOMORROW for .20 cents a day
6. Start to become part of the Core Blast with Dianne Adams team and get your mind and body strong.

Time to rock it and get that core strong.

Oh….and don’t forget to breathe.

See you soon my “core blast mates”…


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