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Something to Ponder with Dianne Adams May 22, 2023

There are some that are starting to build a parallel society. They know there is something very wrong about the current one. We all know something isn’t quite right. Whether …

Something to Ponder

Now offering Massage (relaxation & hot stone massage), Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage Muskoka Ontario

I have relocated to the beautiful Muskoka area and am offering the following services in my Treatment room on Clear Lake in Seguin (Parry Sound), Ontario Hot Stone Massage Relaxation …


NEW Treatment Offered – 30 Minute Foot Massage Combined with 60 Minute Intuitive Reiki Sessions

Currently not being offered 2023 Hello Everyone. I had added a new treatment to offer you.  The demand for foot massages is increasing.  I feel its’ our need to be …


Meditation and Relaxation with Dianne Adams

Welcome to the first sample of Relaxation and Meditation with Dianne Adams. Enjoy the short video to relax your body, mind and soul…

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How Do I Get Stronger Abs and A Leaner Core In 30 Day’s?

How Do I Get Stronger Abs and A Leaner Core In 30 Day’s? Have you ever thought, how do I get rid of this belly?  How do some people get …

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