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Acupressure Release Massage with Dianne Adams is a directed self massage technique created by Health and Wellness Lover, Dianne Adams.

Working along a series of energy lines, acupressure works on the same premises as Acupuncture with the added benefit of releasing muscles tension, stress in the body and balancing the body.

You will feel relaxed, de-stressed and in some cases reduces back and joint pain (as mentioned by participants).

Join a class at Wiarton Fitness or participate in a workshop. Visit for class times or to set up a workshop at your location.

WORKSHOPS – Dianne Adams will come to your location and offer Acupressure Release Massage in a class setting.  Workshops include Massage Ball, handouts and direction.  Cost based on location and number of participants.  Email to book your Workshop.

Feb 7th, 2016 participant feedback   “Thank-you for today’s acupressure release class Dianne Adams. Felt so relaxing and the areas that I’ve been having issues with lately (shoulder and left IT band) feel much better!! I’ll be there next week for sure!”  Sonia

Thank you Di! I really enjoyed the class and was really surprised to find that one side was very different than the other”  Glenda

Wow I can’t believe the difference I felt half way through, Thanks Dianne!” Angie

You are so talented and it was great being in one of your classes. Wonderful energy..xo” Betty

Loved it.” Pam

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